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Firebase Extensions

What are Firebase Extensions?

Firebase Extensions are an additional abstraction that offers enhanced functionality to Firebase. You can use one of the provided extensions or write your own.

Once you've deployed an extenion you can review APIs enabled, resources created, and access granted to the extension.

Some Example Extensions

NameDescriptionExample Use-Case
Distributed CounterRecords event counters at scale to accommodate high-velocity writes to Cloud Firestore.Workaround to the Firestore limit of one sustained write per second by using sharding
Trigger EmailComposes and sends an email based on the contents of a document written to a specified Cloud Firestore collection.Render and send emails that contain the information from documents added to a specified Cloud Firestore collection.
Make Payments with Google PayMakes a payment with Google Pay via one or more supported Payment Service Providers, and writes the response to Cloud Firestore.make payments with your preferred Payment Service Provider (PSP) using Google Pay.
Delete User DataDeletes data keyed on a userId from Cloud Firestore, Realtime Database, and/or Cloud Storage when a user deletes their account.Simplified cleanup/offboarding of users




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