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Team Learning Hours

What is a team learning hour?

The team groups up for a scheduled hour of learning something together.

This could be:

  • Reviewing something new
  • Testing out a new design/pattern/approach
  • Running through an exercise


  • It get's the whole team to increase their knowledge around a topic with a cost of one hour.
  • There can be a teacher if one person already knows the subject/goal very well.
  • Learning can be more enjoyable as a group.

The Process

  1. Consider what you want to learn and if it could be learned as a group inside an hour. It can be one part of a thing, it doesn't have to be an entire complex topic.
  2. Book one hour with as much of the team as possible with a clear agenda of what you will learn and why.
  3. Save some time at the end for review/discussion as a group about the thing you just learned. You'll probably come up with different pros and cons as well as different use cases for the patterns and techniques you learn.


I learnt about this from the Arrested Devops Podcast episode for November 2021 with Emily Bache who is a technical agile coach.